Cabinets Refinishing



about cabinets

Replacing cabinets can be messy and inconvenient. If you want to
remodel your home while sticking to a budget, consider refinishing your
existing cabinets. My dad, my self and our crew have the expertise and
top-of-the-line equipment to leave your cabinets looking like new.
Whether you’re looking for a fresh coat of eye-catching paint or want to
show off the beauty of your wooden cabinets with a beautiful new stain,
our team has what it takes to make your décor visions come to life.
We are proud to say that we are clean from the start. We try hard to
keep our project clean using our dust extractors everyday at the end of
the day.
To control the dust we create ventilation systems at the job site. We
have experience and understand how dust works which is essential
when painting any surface.
Cost Effectiveness. New units are costly, especially if you already have
quality cabinets in place. Refinishing or painting your existing cabinets
saves you money.
Convenience. Why be inconvenienced while you wait for your cabinets
to be ripped out and replaced? Painting or refinishing takes less time so
you can enjoy your space sooner.
Beautiful results. You’ll love the way your cabinets and shelves look after
we are finished with the job. We have the skills and tools to get the job
done right.



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